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This course takes a comprehensive look at all the areas of knowledge required to take Peplink’s Certified Engineer Course (PCE).  It includes and extends to the publicly available PCE Webinar, online coursework and other training material, where that original content is collated, enhanced and bolstered with real world experience and advisories. This includes industry context, real world examples and my opinions based on providing Peplink solutions for over a decade.


To become a Peplink Certified Engineer you have to take the official exam by signing up and logging into and enrolling into the PCE course.

The PCE Certification Exam

  • 100 minute time limit per attempt
  • Unfinished exams will be automatically submitted upon time limit
  • Multiple Choice Examination
  • 50 Questions
  • 70% Passing Grade
  • USD$150 per attempt
  • 2 month waiting period between attempts

Although really useful, the official Peplink training material can be a little dry. My intention here is to make that content easier to use whilst also adding in my own views experience and content that I think is useful for an engineer to know.


You can learn more about the Peplink Certified Training Courses on the Peplink Website here

The PCE course and material are available here

  • SpeedFusion Basic Configuration Options

    How to configure SpeedFusion between two devices and what's required to make it connect

  • SpeedFusion Advanced Configurations and Settings

    Everything you need to know when you need more than a simple point to point VPN connection.

  • SpeedFusion Optimisation and Tips

    How to use, test and improve SpeedFusion Settings

  • InControl 2 - Overview

    All About the cloud management application.

  • InControl2 Reporting and Troubleshooting

    IC2 Reporting and Remote device management and monitoring

  • Product Overview

    An Overview of all Peplink Products

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Martin Langmaid is a SDWAN solution architect and Peplink product specialist, trainer and Technical author. Formerly employed by Peplink as a global solution architect, he left to co-found slingshot6 the worlds first connectivity agency. He enjoys multi-disciplined engineering activities in his spare time, and can be found with a soldering iron. welder, hammer, saw and chisel in hand most weekends. Something of a wood butcher.


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