Why is my device showing as offline in InControl?

This content came from the original forum post (here). When devices fail to show ‘online’ in InControl 2 please check […]

Can I control all configuration in IC2 or must some things be configured on the device?

Incontol2 controls most of the remote router’s configuration but not all. In most network configurations InControl can be used to […]

Why won’t my remote Web Admin connection establish?

If a remote web admin connection cannot establish, first check if the device can resolve the InControl server address.Go to […]

How is the WAN quality latency value calculated?

The latency value is calculated using TCP traceroute results.The second hop’s RTT (Round Trip Time) is used as a WAN’s […]

What is the refresh interval of the signal quality and signal strength values?

InControl 2 shows the RSRP, RSSI and RSRQ values for each cellular WAN connection on the device Dashboard.The values for […]