Installation & Setup

Am I able to upgrade cellular antennas later if my signal is too weak?

Yes, third party antennas may be used to improve signal strength, and upgrading from indoors to outdoors and increasing height […]

Can I receive an email alert when a specific WAN connection is down?

You can configure WAN up/down notifications using InControl Notifications. Link the required device(s) using the device’s tag. Enable the WAN […]

Can I use inter vlan routing to share a printer and NAS to both networks ?

The Inter-VLAN routing option means it will allow/disallow (checked/unchecked) the communication of the devices on that particular VLAN to other […]

How do I separate two sets of users onto separate WANS via SSID?

STEP 1 Add two /24 VLANs with unique VLAN ID’s and name them, use the required DHCP settings. STEP 2 […]

Which Peplink model will suit which application? (product matrix ?)

The range of Peplink models is extensive.This allows customers to only pay for the exact requirements needed. However, it can […]

What services on the router can I create schedules for?

Multiple Device Schedules can be created within InControl and given logical names. These schedules are weekly and roll over on […]

How do I setup a volume usage monitor for each WAN connection and receive automated alerts to my email?

Monitoring your WAN usage can be configured in InControl or on the routers Web Admin GUI. Web Admin GUI Firstly, […]

My ISP only assigns dynamic IP addresses, how am I able to reach my IP camera or other server?

You can reach devices on your LAN (for example web servers or IP camera’s) by using Port Forwarding.There are different […]

What’s the difference between ‘Access’ and ‘Trunk’ Ports?

Access ports handle traffic for one untagged VLAN, while trunk ports route traffic to and from multiple VLANs using VLAN […]

Controlling Bandwidth to Users with QoS and User Groups

Individual users or (more commonly) a network subnet, are added to a user group at device level (within the Peplink […]

InControl: Group Level: Settings: Add Devices into Groups

This option adds new devices into the group instance using the Peplink device’s serial number, tags can be added now […]

Configuring Cellular WAN Up and Download Speeds

From firmware 8.1.1, you can enter expected maximum up and down bandwidth for each cellular connection. By measuring this bandwidth […]

Configuring Web Content Filtering

A great feature of all Peplink routers is the Web Content Filtering , either basic or enhanced (depending on the […]

How to connect using WiFi-WAN in new locations

WiFi-WAN is a feature found on many Pepwave MAX devices that lets the router connect to an external public or […]