How to determine the optimal MTU and MSS size

This content is from the original forum article (here). Setting the correct MTU size can make a difference in optimizing […]

Is Port Forwarding a security risk?

Port forwarding gives you access to a mapped port on a client device on your LAN.This can for example be […]

What are the default WAN MTU sizes used by Peplink routers?

These are the default WAN MTU sizes used by Peplink routers: Wired WAN 1440 bytes Cellular WAN 1428 bytes Mobile […]

LAN Port VLAN Mapping

This KBA assumes that you have already created one or more subnets within you router’s webgui. If not, please see […]

Firewall Rules & Port Mapping

Peplink products take an usual approach to how they manage firewall rules and port mapping. The underlying design principle is […]

Controlling Bandwidth to Users with QoS and User Groups

Individual users or (more commonly) a network subnet, are added to a user group at device level (within the Peplink […]

Port Forwarding to a LAN Device From A Fusionhub

One of the great features of using a Fusionhub and PepVPN is the ability to bond two or more cheap, […]

Can wi-fi Users Be Prevented from Logging into Peplink’s Web Admin Interface?

Yes. You can create an additional VLAN / subnet for management then restrict web admin access to that VLAN. You […]

Port Forwarding to a LAN Device From A Peplink Router

If your Peplink device has at least one WAN public IP the it is possible to use port forwarding so […]